Maryland police arrest, charge three with murder after shooting

Maryland police arrest, charge three with murder after shooting

| Nov 3, 2012 | Violent Crimes |

Police officers in Maryland have arrested three people after a shooting last weekend. The shooting resulted in one person dying and another person being wounded. The person who was wounded remains hospitalized. It is unclear what may have led to the shooing, but police have not filed charges.

The two adults and one minor are all being charged as adults for first and second-degree murder, as well as armed robbery, assault and attempted murder. While the MSP Gang Enforcement Unit aided in the arrest, it isn’t clear from reports whether any of the people arrested are actually part of a gang. These people face extremely serious charges. These charges are some of the most severe charges a person can face and could result in life or most of a person’s life in prison.

While the potential prison time is enough to make a person worry about their future, it is also important for a person to try to defend their reputation. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Maryland might be a wise decision for someone in a similar situation.

An attorney can help a person understand their rights. In a complex case, authorities may question a suspect multiple times, trying to get them to admit to a crime or give up evidence that might lead to a conviction. By understanding their rights, a person can help prevent convicting themselves. Seeking legal advice might be helpful in evaluating evidence and understanding the legal process.

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