Swim coaches under fire for allegations in wrongful termination

Swim coaches under fire for allegations in wrongful termination

| Sep 20, 2012 | Sex Crimes |

When someone in Maryland is fired and he or she doesn’t believe that there was any justifiable reason for the termination, he or she may be prone to accusing a former employer or coworker of wrongdoing. In some cases, these allegations are true and the employee was wrongfully terminated. In others, however, the allegations are merely an attempt to shame, punish, or discredit an individual or organization due to bitter feelings because of the termination. Until anything is proven, however, any individual or organization should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

In this story, USA Swimming, the national organization for swim teams and clubs in the United States, and the former national coach of the women’s team have been accused of covering up sexual misconduct in USA clubs. One of the accusers was a former swim coach who has recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in civil court against the national coach. She says that he had been working with USA Swimming to cover up sexual scandals involving other coaches and swimmers. After the national coach discovered some of the alleged affairs, he was paid $625,000 by the organization not to leak the information.

The woman’s lawyer, however, is the same lawyer that represented a swimmer who says that another coach paid her $150,000 if she would not press criminal charges after he ended a four-year relationship with her. Whether this is a coincidence or something more, it makes it even more important that the public not judge USA Swimming or its coaches before an investigation is completed.

It does not appear that there have been any criminal charges filed against the former national coach, but it is possible that as more information comes forward, the media may paint him as the face of sexual misconduct within USA Swimming.

Source: CBS News, “USA Swimming: No deal with ex-coach Mark Schubert to cover up claims of sexual misconduct,” Sept. 19, 2012

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