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Football coach's home videos lead to child pornography charges

When someone in Silver Spring is charged with child pornography, many people in the community immediately assume he or she is guilty. Not only do they judge a suspect based solely on the charges, they also may vilify him or her. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney the moment an individual is suspected of possessing or creating child pornography.

An interesting case coming from outside of Maryland, however, questions just what child pornography is. Though it may seem simple -- pictures or videos of naked children -- does that also apply to the few pictures our mothers must have of us when we were children? According to some prosecutors, it might. A football coach has been arrested and charged with two felony counts of child pornography for three videos of his children goofing around while naked.

The coach and his wife have both said that they were merely taking videos of their children being silly; being children. Prosecutors, however, are alleging that the videos were sexually exploitative and, thus, constitute child pornography. Many of the people who have read descriptions of the videos seem to believe that the videos were in bad taste, but that they are not pornographic. It remains to be seen, however, whether prosecutors will change their mind on the nature of these videos.

One former county attorney who had prosecuted numerous child sex crimes cases has even said that the matter of whether the videos are pornographic ultimately comes down to opinion. Some people will certainly look at these videos as innocent home videos of children acting silly while others will see them as inappropriate and lewd. Ultimately, the decision on whether to continue with prosecution and, possibly, the coach's conviction will depend on the opinions of several individuals.

Source: Star Tribune, "Mankato coach's child-porn case tests definition of criminal," Richard Meryhew, Aug. 30, 2012

To learn more about the child pornography charges this coach is facing, please visit the source above. If you want to learn more about how we have helped individuals charged with child abuse and child pornography, please check out our website.

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