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August 2012 Archives

50 years after using a fake dime, man is fired

Most people in Washington, D.C., would be shocked to learn the far-reaching consequences that a criminal conviction can have. Larceny, theft and crimes involving deceit are especially difficult to move forward from because many employers are afraid that a former offender will steal again. This is one of the many reasons why anyone accused of a theft or property crime in Washington, D.C., should work closely with a criminal defense attorney.

College student arrested for not having headlights on

When someone is pulled over and arrested, most people in Montgomery County would assume that it was because of some kind of serious offense. In some cases, however, it is merely a matter that police have stretched the limits of the stop to find potentially incriminating evidence of a more serious crime. There are protections, however, from unreasonable searches and seizures that prevent police from stopping and searching whichever cars they want.

Man could still go to jail after being acquitted of drugged driving

Imagine a Silver Spring man being acquitted of driving under the influence of drugs. In most situations, that Maryland man would be free to go and the state could no longer hold him. In very few situations, however, he could find himself on his way to prison. Unfortunately for one out-of-state man, this is exactly the situation he is facing after he was acquitted of drugged driving.

Man pleads guilty to stealing $80, sentenced to 78 years

A 21-year-old man's life has been permanently changed after he chose to plead guilty to a charge of burglary. When many people in Montgomery County think of crimes that deserve a sentence of 78 years in prison, they likely think of some of the most horrific and violent of crimes, not stealing $80. Sadly, this man will be spending a great deal of time in prison for only taking that much from an acquaintance.

Are tougher drunk driving laws headed to Maryland?

The consequences that follow a drunk driving conviction in Maryland are very serious. Depending on the severity of the charges, fines, suspended or revoked driving privileges and even jail time can result. However, there are some states with even harsher DUI and DWI penalties, and the federal government may push Maryland into adopting similar laws.

Civil commitment of sexual assault up for constitutional review

Many people in Montgomery County are likely to believe that when someone has finished a criminal sentence that they should be free to go. It is both unconstitutional and wrong to hold someone for an indefinite period of time after they have served his or her sentence. In some states, there are concerns that even after an individual who has been convicted of and served time for a sex offense, he or she could be held in a civil commitment program until he or she is determined not to be a threat. While Maryland doesn't have any such program, there are many people who think the state should adopt one.

Work-first programs showing success for released offenders

There is one thing that officials with the department of corrections in every state are worried about: recidivism. When someone is arrested in St. Charles on a drug charge, convicted and sent to prison, there is a possibility that he or she will be back in prison within nine months. The more opportunity that individual has to work and thrive in a work environment, the less likely he or is to get in trouble again.

When opinion is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor

When many people in Rockville think about criminal charges, they imagine hard and fast rules that, if someone breaks them, they are guilty of the crime. The problem is that many crimes are not just a matter of fact, but sometimes a matter of opinion. This is certainly true when someone is charged with something like causing serious injury. What could be a serious injury to one person may not be that serious to another, and that is the question that one judge is facing after a suspect asked for a bench trial in a drunk driving criminal case.

Teenagers face first-degree murder charges following assault

Being charged with murder in Greenbelt is extremely serious. Just facing a criminal charge, especially one that is as serious as murder, can put a lot of strain on an individual. He or she may lose a job, housing and family and friends because people are frightened. Even if an individual is cleared of all charges, that mark may still be on him or her, making it very difficult to rebuild a life that was shattered by murder charges.

National efforts to stop Maryland's drive-up alcohol sales

There are probably more than a few people in Maryland who have been to a restaurant or store that allows for drive-up alcohol sales. Because Maryland is one of only 23 states that allow businesses to sell packaged alcohol through drive-up windows, there is considerable scrutiny surrounding the process. There have also been many who say that this kind of behavior contributes to drunk driving.

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