Men arrested for suspected drug-infused gummy bears

Men arrested for suspected drug-infused gummy bears

| Jul 3, 2012 | Drug Charges |

It’s important that anyone who is pulled over by a police officer knows what his or her rights are. There are stories across Maryland of individuals getting pulled over by police for something relatively minor and then getting charged with drug crimes. There are specific constitutional rights that protect everyone from an overreaching police officer.

Information is still emerging as to whether three men’s constitutional rights were violated when police recently arrested them under suspicion of creating drug-laced gummy bears. The three men were in a car when an officer pulled the car they were in over. It has been reported that police originally believed the driver to be intoxicated, but it is unclear whether officers had sufficient suspicion to search the vehicle, but that did not stop officers from going through the vehicle.

Law enforcement officials claim that they found bath salts, marijuana, LSD, prescription anxiety pills and gummy bears. It is unknown, however, if the prescription medication belonged to anyone in the car. It is also unclear what led police to believe that the gummy bears had been infused with hallucinogenic drugs. The three men were arrested and charged with possession of dangerous drugs without prescriptions, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

Police officers must meet very specific and stringent requirements before engaging in a search of an individual’s vehicle. In the stress of being pulled over and confronted with an aggressive officer, many people forget that an officer may not have met that requirement when he or she requests to search a car. For those people who believe that an officer wrongly searched their vehicles, they should speak with a criminal defense attorney for clarification.

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