Carbon-based product could reduce wrongful drunk driving arrests

Carbon-based product could reduce wrongful drunk driving arrests

| Jul 27, 2012 | Drunk Driving |

With the District of Columbia’s history of arresting people who were far from intoxicated for drunk driving, it is likely that residents of Washington, D.C., are somewhat concerned that they will be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Especially with the District’s announcement that it will try to reintroduce breath tests in the near future, District drivers may want to look into a new product called the Breathalyzer Equalizer.

This product has been designed to reduce the number of false drunk driving arrests. The creator has said that even if an individual would be arrested on a breath test and later cleared on a blood test, the arrest could still have tremendous ramifications. Being associated with something that has become classified as an extremely immoral action could easily destroy an individual’s career or personal life. In an effort to reduce this negative impact, the product would help to absorb mouth alcohol that could throw off a breath test.

Alcohol that remains in the mouth after having a drink or using some kind of product that has a significant alcohol content could register on a breath test, even if an individual was not intoxicated. The carbon and minerals in this powder, however, would neutralize the alcohols in an individual’s mouth, ensuring an accurate breath test.

Police officers are well-aware of the role mouth alcohol could have on a breath test. A manual issued by the United States Department of Transportation has warned officers that any time they are going to administer a breath test that they wait 20 minutes before giving the test, allowing the mouth alcohols to evaporate.

There has been some push-back by certain groups who are concerned that drunk drivers will be able to escape detection by using this product, but the creator has said that individuals who are truly intoxicated will not register with a lower blood-alcohol content with the Breathalyzer Equalizer.

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