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July 2012 Archives

Carbon-based product could reduce wrongful drunk driving arrests

With the District of Columbia's history of arresting people who were far from intoxicated for drunk driving, it is likely that residents of Washington, D.C., are somewhat concerned that they will be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Especially with the District's announcement that it will try to reintroduce breath tests in the near future, District drivers may want to look into a new product called the Breathalyzer Equalizer.

Do traumatic brain injuries lead to decreased sexual inhibitions?

With the recent conviction of Jerry Sandusky on numerous sex crimes, some questions have been raised about what role football and head trauma plays in the suspected commission of criminal sexual conduct. There has been some evidence that indicates that a football player who suffers from chronic traumatic encephalopathy may have lowered inhibitions, meaning he or she may be more likely to commit a sexual assault that he may not have otherwise committed. Though certainly not all football players will end up committing a sexual assault, it is thought that traumatic brain injuries may make it harder for individuals to resist sexual urges that they had previously kept at bay.

Is George Zimmerman's interview a good idea?

Nearly everyone in Montgomery County knows who George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin are. Since Martin's death in February, there has been considerable media attention thrust upon Zimmerman, leading to speculation and opinions about whether Zimmerman should be tried for and convicted of murder. Though he was not originally criminally charged, prosecutors ultimately decided to charge him in the death of Martin. Now, Zimmerman has gone on a national television show to explain his side of the story.

Extraterritorial sexual 'conduct' leads to American criminal charges

When someone is charged with a crime in Maryland, it is assumed that he or she is being tried for actions that supposedly took place in Maryland. It is important that Maryland courts really only deal with the issues that occur within its borders because things that happen in other states or in other countries may have a greater stake in a criminal conviction. Though it did not happen in Maryland, one state has decided that it has the ability to criminally prosecute two men charged with statutory rape for allegedly having sex with three or four young women while overseas.

Facebook, social media sites track users, read communications

Unless someone has a nosy family member or friend, most people in Maryland assume that their communications over Facebook and other social networking sites are private or, at least as private as their privacy settings allow. The truth is, however, that many Internet sites, including Facebook, monitor what their users say on chats and personal messages in an effort to find suspected child predators.

District moves to restart drunk driving breath test program

For quite a while, anyone passing through Washington, D.C., had to worry about police and the District's odd drunken driving policies. Though Metropolitan Police stopped using breath tests to check motorists suspected of drunk driving after it was discovered that the breath tests could overestimate the amount of alcohol in a person's system by 20 percent, the D.C. Council has proposed a bill that would resume breath tests. It remains to be seen what will make these breath tests different from the previously erroneous ones.

Men arrested for suspected drug-infused gummy bears

It's important that anyone who is pulled over by a police officer knows what his or her rights are. There are stories across Maryland of individuals getting pulled over by police for something relatively minor and then getting charged with drug crimes. There are specific constitutional rights that protect everyone from an overreaching police officer.

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