High school students charged with felony sex crimes

High school students charged with felony sex crimes

| May 11, 2012 | Sex Crimes |

When many people in Washington, D.C., hear the word “voyeurism” they most likely think of a Peeping Tom, not two teenage high-school students. Unfortunately for these two young men, however, they have been charged with a felony sex crime after police say they videotaped their teacher.

Being charged with a sex crime is extremely serious. There are horrible consequences both inside and outside of the legal system for anyone accused of, charged with or convicted of a sex crime. First, many people are automatically assumed to be guilty by members of the public, tarnishing a reputation in mere moments. Second, the penalties associated with sex crimes are quite severe, including years in prison and serious fines. Finally, many people in Maryland who are convicted of a sex crime will be forced to register as a sex offender.

This is why it is extremely important to hire a criminal defense attorney that is experienced in defending against allegations of sex crimes. After being charged with video voyeurism, these two teenagers will need legal help. If convicted, they will be labeled as felons and spend one to five years in prison.

Investigators are claiming that the young men taped up their teacher’s skirt when she bent over to help a classmate. They used a cellphone to shoot a video and police say that it clearly shows the woman’s genitalia.

Not only are the students facing legal trouble, but the spokeswoman of their school district has indicated that the students will be learning a lesson.

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