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April 2012 Archives

What happens when blood alcohol tests are found to be inaccurate?

If you have been pulled over for drinking and driving in Silver Spring, you may have been forced to take a blood test to determine if you were legally intoxicated. While police and prosecutors use the results to determine if your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, blood tests are not always accurate.

Internet mug shots meant to shame people before conviction

Anyone in Maryland who has been stopped by police, arrested and spent the night in jail knows how embarrassing it can be to deal with a drunk driving charge. Just because a Montgomery County resident has been arrested, however, doesn't mean he or she has been or ever will be convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol; a mug shot doesn't mean a person is guilty of anything. Sadly, not everyone realizes this and many websites are now capitalizing on it.

Should man convicted of intoxicated murder be put to death?

Maryland still hast the death penalty and anyone who is convicted of a particularly violent crime could find him- or herself sentenced to death, but what about those people who are put on death row for crimes that aren't quite heinous enough to warrant a death sentence?

Prosecutors come back for more: man sentenced to longer prison term

Many people in Silver Spring know that someone can't be tried twice for the same thing. The principle of double jeopardy protects everyone in Maryland from multiple trials for the same actions, but double jeopardy does not prevent prosecutors from appealing a guilty verdict in order to get a harsher punishment.

Can you be charged with marijuana possession after death threat?

While Montgomery County police and prosecutors portray criminal drug activity as a black and white, guilty or not guilty incident, there are often mitigating circumstances that can change how a suspect is prosecuted or tried. For example, prosecutors are trying to figure out what to do with a man who has been criminally charged after being caught with marijuana, despite his insistence that he was only transporting the drug because he had received a death threat.

When a spot on the sex offender registry means no online gaming

When someone in Maryland is released from prison on a sex crime charge, he or she often has to register as a sex offender. There are numerous complications that come with a spot on the sex offender registry, including making the charges and behavior that led to a conviction public to anyone with access to a computer. Now, video game companies may be making it impossible for those on the sex offender registry to participate in online gaming.

Media reports make Trayvon Martin case even more confusing

It would be nearly impossible for someone in Maryland not to have heard of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The amount of media coverage since Martin's death in late February has been astronomical and each media source seems to be presenting different facts and different spins as to what happened.

Defendants lose at the Supreme Court: strip searches allowed

It is undeniable that anyone arrested on suspicion of a crime has the right to be treated fairly and humanely while in police custody. The United States Supreme Court, however, has recently limited just what those rights are when it recently decided that jails and police can strip-search anyone arrested on any charge before sending the suspect to jail. While some law enforcement officials may have reason to suspect someone accused of a violent crime of having contraband, the Supreme Court has held that police no longer need to have any suspicions whatsoever that a person has a weapon or drugs before strip-searching him or her.

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