Baltimore trucker gets trapped under bridge, charged with DUI

Baltimore trucker gets trapped under bridge, charged with DUI

| Feb 15, 2012 | Drunk Driving |

Maryland drivers know how serious a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while impaired can be. Both a DUI and a DWI could lead to a suspended driver’s license or time in jail. DWIs may also carry fines, lengthy probation terms or even a mandatory inpatient treatment program for alcohol. The more serious DUI could land a Silver Spring driver in jail for up to three years and with a revoked driver’s license. Because of such serious consequences, it is extremely important for anyone arrested on a drunk driving charge to contact a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

In a recent accident outside of Maryland, a Baltimore truck driver is learning about the seriousness of a DUI allegation. The trucker had been driving his big rig along when he started to pass under a bridge. Unfortunately, either the truck was too tall or the bridge was too short, but the truck became wedged underneath the overpass. The trucker, following safety protocols, put a reflective triangle behind the incapacitated vehicle and reportedly made a 911 call and let his company’s dispatch know about the accident.

It is unclear how long it took, but a police officer arrived on the scene and started to interrogate the driver. The police officer refuted the driver’s claim that a 911 call had been made and proceeded to ask the driver if he had been drinking. Although the driver said that he had been drinking earlier in the night, it is unclear how long it had been since he had drunk any alcohol and how much alcohol he actually consumed.

It does not appear that the officer performed any field sobriety tests or requested a breath test from the Baltimore trucker before taking him to a hospital for a blood test. It is unknown what the man’s blood alcohol content was or if he even registered any alcohol in his system, but he has been charged with operating a commercial vehicle within five hours of consuming alcohol, failing to obey traffic signals, failing to immediately report an accident and careless driving.

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