Man stopped on felony drug charges says he’s the “middle man”

Man stopped on felony drug charges says he’s the “middle man”

| Dec 27, 2011 | Drug Charges |

For many Maryland residents, the borders with Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia may not mean much, but for criminal courts, traveling with drugs across a border could make a relatively minor drug crime into something much more serious. If someone is convicted of a felony drug charge in Maryland, it is possible that he or she could face years in prison and large fines. In some cases, it is impossible to avoid prison time because of mandatory minimum prison sentences, making it extremely important to work with a criminal defense attorney as soon as someone is charged with a felony drug crime.

One man has been arrested with nearly 2,700 containers of synthetic drugs in his van after he was arrested after a traffic stop. The officer who originally pulled the man over had stopped him after he noticed an equipment problem with the van. As he approached the vehicle, however, the officer thought he saw a gun in the front seat. Instead of just asking for the gun and discovering that it was a toy, he chose to take the gun himself and search the van, finding the alleged synthetic drugs.

The driver was stopped just across the Tennessee-Virginia border and has been in a Virginia jail waiting for a Dec. 27 arraignment. The police claim they found synthetic marijuana and bath salts in the 2,700 containers, with the containers ranging in size from 1 gram to 10 grams. Police also said they retrieved $13,640 in cash from the man’s van.

After he was taken into custody by Virginia police, the man allegedly told law enforcement that he is merely the middle man in a four-state synthetic drug market. It was reported that he delivered the synthetic drugs to Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee convenience stores.

Source: Kingsport Times News, “Gate City traffic stop nets 2,700 containers of synthetic drugs, arrest of alleged store supplier,” Wes Bunch, Dec. 23, 2011