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December 2011 Archives

Study shows traumatic brain injury increases risk of violent crime

A new study has recently been published that indicates people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries or certain forms of epilepsy are more likely to commit certain types of crimes than the general populous. While some people may consider this information beneficial for monitoring individuals or investigating apparent criminal activity, police may start to use suspects' medical histories against them when investigating violent crimes.

Man stopped on felony drug charges says he's the "middle man"

For many Maryland residents, the borders with Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia may not mean much, but for criminal courts, traveling with drugs across a border could make a relatively minor drug crime into something much more serious. If someone is convicted of a felony drug charge in Maryland, it is possible that he or she could face years in prison and large fines. In some cases, it is impossible to avoid prison time because of mandatory minimum prison sentences, making it extremely important to work with a criminal defense attorney as soon as someone is charged with a felony drug crime.

Prosecutors drop sexual assault charges against priest

Everyone in Washington, D.C., has heard numerous stories about priests, pastors and other religious figures that allegedly prey on their congregants. Accusations of sexual assault by a priest are so common that many people will assume that all allegations of sexual assault are true. Unfortunately, some cases arise after a false report is made, but even when a priest is able to prove his innocence, it doesn't mean his career hasn't already been ruined by the mere accusation of sexual abuse.

Maryland participates in four-state drunk driving crackdown

It is the middle of the holiday season and many Maryland residents may be going from holiday party to holiday party, spending time with friends or getting together with family members. For many, the holidays are a time to enjoy a relaxing drink with friends or family, but Maryland police may be putting a stop to that. There was a recent press conference in which Maryland police pledged themselves to work towards cracking down on suspected drunk drivers with law enforcement officials from Maryland's three closest neighbors.

Former salvage dealer accused of auto thefts

For salvage dealers in Washington, D.C., there is a huge risk in accepting cars from unfamiliar sources. If the salvage dealer accepts a car from the wrong person, he or she could find him- or herself in trouble with law enforcement and even charged with grand theft auto. In this story, police have filed charges against a former auto salvage dealer, accusing him of stealing cars and stripping them for salvageable parts.

Maryland officials use sex offender registry to mark individuals

If you are arrested and charged with a sex crime in Maryland, you may be concerned about how much time you will have to spend in prison if convicted or how much damage a criminal record will have when you apply for jobs, but prison and a criminal record are only two of the many consequences of a sex crimes conviction. If you are unable to clear your name after being accused of a sex crime, it is likely you will be forced to register on the Maryland sex offender registry, sometimes for the rest of your life.

Can an arrest in DC lead to an additional assault charge?

What would you do if you were being arrested by a Washington, D.C., police officer? If you were originally trying to resist arrest or even just make it more difficult for the officer to put handcuffs on you, is it possible you could be found guilty of criminal assault, too? Luckily, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals recently ruled that the government must show that an arrestee intends to assault a police officer before he or she can be convicted of an additional simple assault charge.

Police arrest 50 in alleged drug trafficking crackdown

What would you do if you were arrested as part of a 50-person roundup and confronted by local and federal law enforcement? What if you weren't a citizen and there were also officers from the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement department potentially threatening deportation involved in your arrest? In this kind of situation, any Maryland resident would rightfully be frightened and confused on what to do next. If police were to ask any questions, a suspect may forget his or her right to speak with a criminal defense attorney and the right to remain silent, giving up information that police and prosecutors may twist and use in court.

Maryland increases drunk driving enforcement during holiday season

The holidays are supposed to be a time to get together with friends and family, relax and have fun, but Montgomery County and Maryland State police are cracking down on impaired drivers, raising concerns among Maryland motorists. Drunk driving is a serious offense and can result in severe penalties. If you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol you could face up to three years in jail and the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. While driving while impaired is a lesser offense, a conviction could still lead to jail time, a fine, probation and driver's license restrictions. Drunk driving charges are, at best, severely disruptive and, at worst, can destroy your career and reputation.

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