Soulja Boy charged with possession of marijuana

Soulja Boy charged with possession of marijuana

| Nov 4, 2011 | Drug Charges |

Residents of Silver Spring are familiar with the work of the legendary hip-hop star Soulja Boy, but they may be shocked to hear how a recent trip home ended badly for the rapper. Instead of relaxing or spending time with family and friends, he was arrested for the alleged possession of marijuana. He has told reporters, however, that he is innocent.

Officers arrested Soulja Boy on Oct. 18, 2011 after police claim the car he was in was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. According to police, Soulja Boy and four companions were stopped as they traveled along Interstate 20 in Temple, Georgia. It seems the driver’s Cadillac Escalade was near the border with Alabama when it was stopped.

Various sources report that the police stopped the SUV for a broken tail light, but they apparently decided to search the vehicle after they allegedly noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the car. A police spokesperson asserts that officers found slightly more than five ounces of marijuana, pistols and large amounts of cash in the vehicle.

Soulja Boy, three bodyguards and the Escalade’s driver were each charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. All of the charges are felonies and all five men were taken to the Carroll County jail.

Following a court appearance, Soulja Boy posted a $10,000 bond and was released.

While some people may think that the media circus surrounding Soulja Boy’s arrest is unique because of his celebrity status, many people suffer horrible after effects when charged with drug crimes. Employers may become suspicious of someone previously convicted of or merely charged with a drug crime. Neighbors may be hesitant to be near you or may ostracize you outright. In order to salvage some of your dignity after being charged with a drug crime and to hopefully prove your innocence, it is extremely important to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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