Man pleads guilty to internet sex crimes, awaits sentencing

Man pleads guilty to internet sex crimes, awaits sentencing

| Nov 10, 2011 | Sex Crimes |

There are some allegations that are nearly impossible to shake. Being accused of an Internet sex crime, such as possessing child pornography or solicitation of a minor over the Internet, will almost always make Maryland news and stir up the emotions of many people in Silver Spring. The anger, fear and hate the public may feel toward someone suspected of Internet sex crimes makes it nearly impossible for a suspect to represent him or herself. It is essential that anyone accused of an Internet sex crime consult a criminal defense attorney about their legal options.

In some situations, some Montgomery County residents arrested on a child pornography charge may choose to plead guilty, but they should only do so after working closely with their attorney. In this story, one man determined that it would be more beneficial for him to plead guilty to one count of using the Internet to attempt to persuade a minor to engage in sexual activity and one count of receipt of child pornography than to go through a trial. He will be sentenced on Jan. 27, 2012.

Police accused the 35-year-old man of Internet sex crimes after he allegedly used the public library and other public wireless Internet services to download and view child pornography. After arresting the man, police took his computer and conducted an invasive search of his digital files. They claim that they found over 500 images of child pornography in the search.

According to federal prosecutors, the man also convinced a 13-year-old girl to perform sexually explicit behavior for him over the Internet. Prosecutors also believe that the man sent her a graphic image of himself, as well.

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