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British socialite allegedly caught shoplifting

The Daily Mail has reported on famed British socialite and model Peaches Geldof, daughter of British rocker Bob Geldof, and a recent allegation that she stole approximately $112 worth of cosmetics from a store in London. An undercover store detective for Boots has said he witnessed the younger Geldof shoplifting before he stopped her and brought her to a back office.

The Daily Mail says that there was approximately £70 ($112) worth of cosmetics, including mascara, eyeliner and foundation in her pockets and a shopping bag. While the store detective claims that he caught the socialite attempting to steal, neither he nor the store called the police, a luxury most Maryland residents wouldn't receive if they were suspected of stealing.

In most situations, if someone is suspected of shoplifting in Maryland or Washington, D.C., the police will be contacted and the person may be prosecuted. Depending on the accusation and charges, a suspect could face fines; prison; or horrible immigration consequences, such as deportation. If the police accuse you of shoplifting, it is wise not to answer any questions unless you have first spoken with your lawyer. You do not want the police to twist something you say and use it against you, especially with such severe punishments awaiting a conviction.

Luckily for this model, however, the store chose not to contact police after the alleged incident. Instead, the store has banned Geldof from its premises indefinitely. According to some sources, Geldof was forced to provide her address and phone number to store officials.

Source: The Daily Mail, "Peaches in new shoplifting quiz: Geldof's daughter 'stuffed £70 of make-up in her bag at Boots'," Jo MacFarlane, Oct. 23, 2011

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