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November 2011 Archives

Professor arrested, charged with possession of child pornography

Washington, D.C., residents may have heard of a recent sex crimes story that has made headlines across the country. A university professor has been arrested and charged with looking at child pornography while on a flight. What makes this story particularly interesting, however, is how law enforcement officials were notified of the alleged behavior.

Statistics paint men as aggressors in Maryland domestic violence

The Baltimore Sun has recently released some statistics on the alleged domestic violence cases that arose in Maryland during the last year and the statistics may serve to create an unfair prejudice against men in domestic violence allegations. The statistics allegedly show that men are more likely to murder girlfriends, ex-girlfriends and wives than women are to kill boyfriends, ex-boyfriends and husbands. These kinds of statistics could lead to a stereotype that will immediately label men as the aggressors whenever domestic violence is suspected.

Police have over 100 arrest warrants for 22 theft suspects

Before anyone should be charged with a crime, Maryland police need to do adequate investigations and obtain enough evidence before they formally arrest or charge a suspect. If they don't, Silver Spring law enforcement may cause considerable damage to a person's reputation and job by making unwarranted accusations. With something as serious as a theft ring, arresting someone after an insufficient investigation could expose a suspect to harsh consequences, even if he or she is able to get the charges dropped.

Twelve people arrested on drug charges

The war against drugs has taken its toll on Maryland; many Silver Spring residents have been arrested, convicted and sent to prison because they were in the wrong place in the wrong time. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of having over-the-counter medicine or prescription medications that have the potential for abuse. Regardless of why a person was charged, it is extremely important to work with a lawyer to protect his or her rights and attempt to get the charges dropped.

Maryland expands its ignition interlock program

Everyone makes mistakes, whether that is forgetting to lock a door or driving after having one too many drinks. Although driving while impaired can carry a criminal conviction in Maryland, people should not have to unduly suffer for their mistakes. Unfortunately, many in the Maryland legislature do not agree and have decided to expand its burdensome and expensive ignition interlock program.

Man pleads guilty to internet sex crimes, awaits sentencing

There are some allegations that are nearly impossible to shake. Being accused of an Internet sex crime, such as possessing child pornography or solicitation of a minor over the Internet, will almost always make Maryland news and stir up the emotions of many people in Silver Spring. The anger, fear and hate the public may feel toward someone suspected of Internet sex crimes makes it nearly impossible for a suspect to represent him or herself. It is essential that anyone accused of an Internet sex crime consult a criminal defense attorney about their legal options.

British socialite allegedly caught shoplifting

The Daily Mail has reported on famed British socialite and model Peaches Geldof, daughter of British rocker Bob Geldof, and a recent allegation that she stole approximately $112 worth of cosmetics from a store in London. An undercover store detective for Boots has said he witnessed the younger Geldof shoplifting before he stopped her and brought her to a back office.

Soulja Boy charged with possession of marijuana

Residents of Silver Spring are familiar with the work of the legendary hip-hop star Soulja Boy, but they may be shocked to hear how a recent trip home ended badly for the rapper. Instead of relaxing or spending time with family and friends, he was arrested for the alleged possession of marijuana. He has told reporters, however, that he is innocent.

Government urges more sobriety checkpoints despite fall in DUI

With the increase in sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols to stop people suspected of drunk driving across Maryland and the United States, it would be reasonable to assume that there has been an increase in drunk driving. Although crackdowns and heavy patrolling may indicate a rise in activity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported the number of drunk drivers is down 30% from 2006.

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