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Are standardized field sobriety tests reliable?

Many of our previous posts here have addressed the severe nature of consequences that accompany a DUI charge in Maryland. For starters, there is the prospect of being placed in jail in the immediate aftermath of the arrest, which could jeopardize a person's employment. Then, there is the likelihood of an automatic license suspension. And then, if the case leads to a conviction, a defendant could be subjected to court supervision through a term of probation, which can include restrictions on a person's liberties.

But, many people do not realize that there may be options to attack the evidence that the prosecution will attempt to use to prove drunk driving charges. One option is to go after the results of field sobriety tests. After all, how reliable are those tests?

Evidence found after traffic stop leads to SWAT raid

Most of our readers know that being in possession of certain types of firearms can result in criminal charges in Maryland. What many do not know is that the same can be said about certain individuals who are in possession of ammunition as well.

A recent report noted that two individuals were arrested in Aberdeen for weapons-related criminal charges that include charges for possession of dangerous weapons, regulated weapons, possession of weapons by a felon and illegal possession of ammunition. But, unlike many other types of firearms cases, these arrests did not arise from an extensive investigation. Instead, the two individuals were arrested after an alleged police chase.

Take the right approach to drunk driving charges in Maryland

When Maryland residents are arrested on drunk driving charges, they may think it is too late to mount a defense to the charge. After all, they have already been cuffed and processed at the jail, right? Wrong. While anyone would likely feel embarrassed or distraught in the immediate aftermath of being arrested, this is no time to lose hope about the prospects of defending against the charges.

DUI charges are some of the most common criminal charges anywhere, including in Maryland. Hundreds of people are arrested on DUI charges every year in our state. But, that isn't to say that every person who is arrested for DUI is convicted of DUI charges. In fact, there can be a number of criminal defense options in any approach to DUI charges.

Murder case involving social media goes to CA Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court will soon hear the matter of what defines privacy on social media websites.

The case that prompted this debate was the 2013 murder of a young man in San Francisco, and social media was central to the reason for the killing.

Women are increasingly at risk for DUI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps tabs on all kinds of statistics, such as the number of people arrested in the U.S. on drunk driving charges.

The statistics show that there has been a marked increase in the number of women charged with DUI. Why is this happening?

Avoid the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction

At our law firm, we work with our clients to help them avoid a criminal conviction, if possible. Why is it so important to fight against criminal charges? Well, besides the immediate impact an arrest can have on a person's life, a conviction can be much worse, including the possibility of a harsh sentence in some cases. However, besides the impact of an arrest, a conviction and a criminal sentence, Maryland residents who are convicted of a crime can face "collateral consequences" for the rest of their lives as well.

The "collateral consequences" of a criminal conviction include those consequences that are not directly imposed by a court of law, but are, instead, imposed by the rest of society. For example, for certain types of convictions, such as felony convictions, the person who is convicted may have all their rights to own or possess firearms stripped. And, if they do try to own or possess firearms after the conviction, that may result in another criminal charge.

What happens if a firearm is used during an assault?

An assault charge is an example of a violent crime in Maryland. Like some other categories of criminal charges, such as drug charges or sex-offense charges, violent crime charges come with a stigma that can remain even if the defendant is acquitted of the crime or the charges are dismissed. Individuals in Maryland who face violent crime charges often find that others may have certain pre-conceived notions about the type of person they are.

However, it is important for our readers to know that there are various levels of assault charges. For example, what happens if a firearm is alleged to have been used in an assault? Well, in Maryland and in most other states, the results can be quite severe.

Workplace shooting in Maryland leads to murder charges

Many of our readers likely remember seeing news reports about a gruesome incident back on October 18 of last year where a man entered his workplace in Edgewood, Maryland, and shot five people, killing three of them. Now, a recent report indicates that a suspect has been arrested for the crime. According to the recent report, a 38-year-old man is the suspect in the shooting spree. He has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Besides the allegations in Maryland, the suspect is also facing criminal charges in Delaware. The reports indicate that the suspect, after shooting the people at his place of employment, then fled to Delaware, where he shot another person. According to the reports, the suspect will face the charges in Delaware first, and then face the pending charges in Maryland.

What should you know about defending against burglary charges?

Maryland, like all other states, has a range of criminal charges that defendants can face, including misdemeanor and felony charges. One of the more common felony charges is burglary. But, here as well, there is a range in the severity of the charges. For example, a burglary that is alleged to have been committed with a firearm will usually result in a more severe charge.

What should Maryland residents know about defending against burglary charges? Well, for starters, it is important to know each element of a burglary charge. Why? Because if the prosecutor cannot prove each element of the charge, the case may result in a dismissal or acquittal.

Your driver's license is in jeopardy with a DUI charge

Some people in Maryland may not think that a DUI charge is a big deal. After all, most DUI charges are misdemeanors, at least for first-time offenders, right? So, perhaps they think, what's the worst that could happen? A term of probation? A "slap on the wrist?" It is a mistake to think of DUI charges like this. Besides a criminal conviction and a restriction of liberty, you may be facing a consequence that has an even greater impact, for an even longer period of time: a driver's license suspension.

At first, it can be hard for a criminal defendant who is facing DUI charges to imagine the difficulty of not being able to drive when and where they please. How will you get to work? How will you get to the grocery store? Will you be able to get your kids where they need to go on time?

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