Sex Offender Registration

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Due to the passage of a succession of laws, such as Megan's Law, the Adam Walsh Act and Jacob Wetterling Act, there have been increasing and continuous revisions to both federal and state sex offense registration laws. These changes have created heightened consequences for all types of sexual offense charges. A person's socioeconomic level does not create immunity to this. Middle-class working individuals with wives and children are sometimes facing a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

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As a Maryland sex offender registry lawyer, James N. Papirmeister can help you avoid the embarrassing and humiliating stigma of having one's picture on the Internet of a sex offender registry where the person's full name, address and sex offense conviction are listed. It is essential not to underestimate the seriousness of any type of sexual offense, child pornography, prostitution, solicitation or other sex or child abuse related criminal charge.

Sex Offender Registry

Currently, virtually all sexual offenses, including possession of child pornography, and even certain prostitution and solicitation charges, are subject to mandatory sex offense registration, sometimes for life. Once a person is required to be on the sex offense registry, they must register not only in their home state, but whichever state they happen to work in or travel to. Furthermore, even when the sentence imposed is completed, the person cannot escape sex offender registration by moving to another state because the registration requirements are now applicable in every state in the United States and the territories. For instance, a person required to register for a sex offense conviction in Florida could receive a simple fine and no jail time and may be required to register in Wasilla, Alaska, should that person move there 10 years later.

Unfortunately, the reach of the sex offense laws is now so pervasive, as well as invasive into one's privacy, that a convicted person who is required to register can virtually never escape the effects of sex offense registration. These facts impose an extraordinary burden on the attorney who is representing a person charged with any type of child abuse, child pornography, rape, sex offense, prostitution or solicitation charge. That is why it is essential you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, like James N. Papirmeister, to handle your case.

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