Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Almost all criminal charges pose some immigration consequences. Many people think that because they are a lawful, permanent resident and have been living in the United States for 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years, that they do not have to worry about the immigration consequences of criminal charges. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even a person who has been in the United States for 40 years, has a Social Security number, full-time employment, and a wife and children who are citizens can be subject to deportation for even a misdemeanor drug conviction.

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Oftentimes, a noncitizen will go into court without a lawyer and be induced into entering a misdemeanor guilty plea for a small fine, no jail time and no probation, and think the matter is closed. However, people in this situation often learn when it is too late that they have just set themselves up for being deported. Even walking out of state court on a misdemeanor charge and a small fine can result in a person being arrested and detained in a federal immigration jail for a year while waiting an almost certain deportation.

Permanent Deportation and Removal

The judges handling criminal cases have no authority to prevent the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from instituting and prosecuting a deportation removal proceeding, regardless of efforts the judge attempts to make in the criminal case. Therefore, it is crucial in all cases for the noncitizen, including the lawful permanent resident, to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer prior to going into court on any criminal case. This includes prior to discussing the matter with an officer.

A recent Supreme Court decision in Padilla vs. Kentucky has imposed new obligations on criminal defense attorneys to be extremely mindful and careful when handling all criminal cases involving noncitizens. It is appropriate for the criminal defense lawyer to add an immigration lawyer to the criminal defense team in order to adequately represent a client. James N. Papirmeister frequently has clients work with him in conjunction with an immigration lawyer when that client is not a citizen of the United States. Keep in mind, an order for removal or deportation is permanent and literally will serve to ban noncitizens from ever entering the United States for the rest of their natural lives, even if they have not been to their home country in many years. This could have a dramatic and very sad effect on the family and children of those noncitizens charged with crimes.

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