Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Crimes

Serious Maryland Drug Charges

Drug charges range from simple possession, a misdemeanor, to distribution, a felony. This area of criminal law imposes mandatory minimum prison sentences and substantial fines on some of the more serious offenses.

Due to his previous experience as a prosecutor with the Office of the State's Attorney for Prince George's County, particularly in the Narcotics Unit, attorney, James Papirmeister knows the importance of acting quickly in cases involving drugs, as many of these types of cases hinge on early investigation and preparation. Contact the Law Offices of James N. Papirmeister, Esq., in Silver Spring, and Maryland, as soon as possible, after being arrested on drug charges.

Felony Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested on felony drug charges, you need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. Criminal defense lawyer, James Papirmeister, has 30 years of criminal law experience and has represented countless clients facing these severe charges. Our firm can defend clients facing the following felony drug charges:

  • Conspiracy and Money Laundering
  • Manufacture and Cultivation
  • Prior and Multiple Drug Charges
  • Conviction Within a School Zone
  • Drug Charges Involving a Firearm

Misdemeanor Drug Crimes

If you are caught with cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, OxyContin, or another prescription drug, request to speak to a lawyer prior to making any statements to law enforcement officials. We may effectively challenge drug possession charges based on questionable traffic stops, searches, seizures, or other constitutional issues.

Drug courts are available to first-time misdemeanor and even felony offenders. These courts accept the cases of small-scale offenders who are addicted to drugs and provide intensive supervised probation, whereby an offender can receive treatment and career assistance to help them change their lifestyle. We will help you determine if you are eligible for such a program.

If facing drug charges, contact the Law Offices of James N. Papirmeister, Esq., to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We defend people throughout Washington D.C., St. Charles, and Montgomery County. Please call 301-589-2100 during regular hours or 301-367-6500 after hours.