Assaults and Misdemeanors

Maryland Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Lawyer

A misdemeanor is a relatively serious criminal charge requiring effective criminal defense. As such, it is important to hire an attorney who will fight hard to protect your rights. It is also important to note that a conviction for a misdemeanor crime may result in your deportation, registration as sex offender, jail time, and increased sentence for any subsequent felony conviction.

Criminal Assault and Battery

Assault charges can range from simple assault and battery, to second-degree assault, which is a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison. There is also a felony charge called first degree assault, which can carries twenty-five years of incarceration. What constitutes the difference between misdemeanor and felony assault is an altogether fine distinction. With 30 years of criminal law experience, attorney James Papirmeister, can defend you against both misdemeanor and felony assault charges, and where appropriate, will seek to have the charges compromised, reduced or dismissed.

At the Law Offices of James N. Papirmeister, Esq., located in Silver Spring, Maryland, we defend people charged with assault and battery and other misdemeanor offenses. For more information about your case, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Misdemeanor Charges

We defend people charged with misdemeanors. While technically a lesser offense than a felony, a misdemeanor is nevertheless a crime requiring an aggressive defense, as it can still lead to jail time, loss of employment, deportation and other immigration consequences. Some of the misdemeanor charges our firm has successfully defended clients against include:

  • Motor Vehicle Offenses: Driving with a revoked or suspended license, DWI/DUI, Hit and Run, and reckless driving
  • Sexual Offenses: Prostitution, indecent exposure, fourth degree sexual offense
  • Violent Crimes: Domestic violence, assault and battery, domestic abuse, resisting/interfering with an Arrest
  • Property Crimes: Larceny, petty theft, shoplifting, writing a bad check, credit card fraud
  • Home Improvement Violations
  • Providing a Fictitious Name to a Police Officer and Fleeing and Eluding Police

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