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What is the punishment for first-degree murder?

As mentioned previously, first-degree murder charges in Maryland have various elements that need to be fulfilled in order to be proven. Even though the death penalty was abolished in Maryland, the punishment imposed for a conviction in this violent crime is the most severe that can be imposed and therefore it needs to be treated seriously.

What is felony murder?

People often-reasonably-- equate murder charges with killing someone-therefore, if someone has not physically committed the act of murdering someone, they do not understand how murder charges can follow. However, under the legal concept of felony murder rule, a person is charged with first-degree murder even if a murder results during the commission of certain violent crimes.

What is the "Three Strikes Law"?

When Maryland residents are convicted of committing a crime they may receive a prison sentence. Upon release from prison, they have paid their debt to society and usually try to go on with their lives in as productive a manner as possible, trying to put their past behind them. However, in Maryland and other states where the Three Strikes Law operates, a conviction for a previous felony may count towards increasing the penalty in future convictions.

Let our experience guide you when facing violent crimes charges

It is everyone's right to defend themselves against accusations of a violent crime and try their best to avoid the penalties that come with a criminal conviction. When facing such situations, individuals may be overwhelmed without the aid of a guide by the possibility of severe punishment. An exceptional defense may be essential and could prove to be the key element to avoid prison sentences when facing murder or homicide charges.

Are there any remedies for ineffective assistance of counsel?

Someone facing criminal charges may be aware they have the right to counsel, but they may not be aware their constitutional right is for effective assistance of counsel. What happens if counsel provides ineffective counsel and what exactly constitutes ineffective assistance of counsel? Maryland residents who have been following the post conviction relief trial of fellow Maryland resident Adnan Syed may not be aware of a few key points of the law regarding this.

Working with you to fight violent crimes charges

As mentioned in last week's post on the Silver Spring Criminal Defense Law Blog, just because someone has been convicted of a crime, they should not give up hope of clearing their name. In some situations and with the right assistance, it may be possible to receive post-conviction relief through various measures, including a habeas corpus motion.

Post conviction relief granted by Maryland judge

When someone is arrested, charged and then convicted on charges related to violent crimes, such as murder, they may feel that the case is closed and they have no legal recourse afterward. However, as a recent case in Maryland has demonstrated, this is not always the case.

What are the basics of aggravated assault?

Facing criminal charges is nothing to take lightly, especially if those charges stem from violent crimes. The prosecuting authorities treat these types of crimes very seriously, as do police officials and it is possible that those convicted of the crime in Silver Spring find themselves facing lengthy prison sentences. Those considering fighting these charges need to first understand what exactly they are accused of doing.

Man charged in Maryland sex offenses faces hefty bond

For Maryland residents who are confronted with allegations of having committed felonies, there are many issues that will have to be dealt with. Not only is there the possibility of being convicted and having to pay significant fines and go to jail, but there are also social stigmas attached. Those stigmas are exponentially worse when the charges are for sexual offenses.

Overview of the voluntary manslaughter statute in Maryland

Manslaughter is the act of killing another human being in a way that it considered a less serious offense than murder. In Maryland, the offense can be either voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. However, according to Maryland laws, voluntary manslaughter means when a person kills another person and has been proved to have legally adequate provocation. That is also called heat-of-passion murder.

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