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Penalties For DUI Higher After A First Conviction

A first DUI can be a major headache in your life. The second time the consequences are far worse.

In the state of Maryland, first-time offenders convicted of driving under the influence face license revocation of six months, possible jail time, supervised probation for up to three years and a fine of up to $1,000.

Fake license technology and the Identity Fraud Law

Night club bouncers will tell you that the technology to produce fake IDs is getting better all the time. In fact, it is good enough to fool the latest scanning devices.

All an underage individual has to do in order to buy alcohol, or to gain admittance to a popular bar in the state of Maryland is to purchase fake identification online. If caught, however, the young lawbreaker will face charges of either a misdemeanor or felony under the 2013 Identity Fraud Law.

Maryland resident arrested, facing explosives-related charges

When our readers think of criminal cases in Maryland that involve weapons, they probably think of guns or knives. They probably don't consider the fact that individuals who are alleged to be in possession of explosives may face weapons charges as well.

That is the case in Hagerstown, Maryland, where a 31-year-old man was recently arrested and charged with possession of explosive material with the intent to create a destructive device, as well as manufacture, transport, possession and storing a destructive device. In the immediate aftermath of this arrest, the suspect was being held without bond.

Teens who binge and drive

Some parents may allow their teenage son or daughter to have a little beer or wine to celebrate a special occasion, and they no doubt believe that a child has not developed anything remotely resembling alcohol dependency. However, young people who do have a taste for alcohol can hide it well. They may not drink every day, but many embrace a different pattern known as binge drinking.

It is a particularly bad idea for teenage binge drinkers to get behind the wheel. Not only do they pose a danger to other drivers, but underage drinkers are involved in about a quarter of the car crashes that kill teens.

Noah's Law doubles down on drunk driving in Maryland

Noah's Law, signed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in 2016, is named for Police Officer Noah Leotta, who was killed by a suspected drunk driver. The bill expands required participation in the ignition interlock program.

The Maryland State Senate passed the law 45-0 following unanimous passage by the House of Delegates. Maryland is focusing on reducing the number of injuries and deaths caused by drunk drivers, and legislators believe that Noah's Law will help to save lives.

What are the varying degrees of rape charges in Maryland?

There is no question that of all the crimes a person can be charged with in Maryland, rape is one of the most serious. When Maryland residents face these charges not only are they going to face determined and meticulous efforts on the part of the prosecution, but they will also likely be dealing with a significant, negative public perception, as sex-based crimes are among the worst that society has categorized.

So, what are the varying degrees of rape charges in Maryland? Well, the most significant is first-degree rape, which, if the accused is convicted, could result in a life sentence. First-degree rape charges include allegations of the use of weapons during the commission of the offense or that the attack resulted in serious injuries to the alleged victim.

Your right to a "speedy jury trial"

When Maryland residents are arrested, they will immediately face a number of crucial decisions. An initial hearing will happen rather quickly, at which point the court will set a number of other important dates in the case and likely determine whether or not the defendant will secure their own lawyer.

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees defendants the right to a speedy trial before a jury. The "speedy" aspect of this right means that the authorities will be violating your constitutional rights if they take too long to bring your case to trial. The "before a jury" aspect is a little more complicated.

Understanding your options when facing weapons charges

Different parts of the country have different views on firearms and other weapons. These views can be easy to see in how a state codifies weapons crimes. In Maryland, the state laws concerning firearms are some of the harshest in the nation.

That is why when anyone is facing a firearms or weapons charge in Maryland, it is time to get serious. If a person is convicted of a firearms charge -- such as a possession charge or using a firearm in the commission of a crime, for example, robbery or assault -- there is a likelihood that the conviction will come with a prison sentence. Felony gun charges, in particular, can have a devastating impact on your freedom.

High school coach facing felony charges after recent arrest

Reports about teachers who are arrested on allegations of inappropriate relationships with students always make the news, so it should come as no surprise to our readers that a recent report about the arrest of a coach at a high school in Maryland is surfacing. However, everyone should remember that an arrest is not the same as a conviction - the accused will have an opportunity to present a defense in court, if he so desires.

The recent report detailed how the coach, a 36-year-old man, was arrested and charged with a fourth-degree sex offense, as well as a more serious charge of second-degree assault. The recent arrest occurred after what appears to have been at least a four-month investigation, which began in February. The alleged victim is a female student at the high school.

Do not let a day of drinks in Maryland lead to years of regret

For many Maryland residents, the summer is a time of family fun and activities in the hot sun. In many of these situations, it's certainly not uncommon for adults to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two. Usually, the drinks stop after a few and everyone heads home unharmed and tired from a long day of good times. But having a few too many drinks and getting behind the wheel could lead to an arrest for driving under the influence, or even worse, could lead to a serious or tragic accident.

After a few alcoholic beverages, people lose their abilities to think rationally; they may feel invincible. They may think less of potential hazards and may do things that sober people know are not wise. This includes getting behind the wheel.

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